Well Company Checkup:

A Comprehensive Employer Practices Review.

The Firm’s Well Company Checkup is designed to help employers to sleep better at night knowing they are in legal compliance and doing right by their employees. We developed this assessment tool because we wanted to give our clients greater peace of mind by taking steps to avoid risk and liability exposure for their organizations especially in the employment area.

Well Company Checkup is a proactive approach to employment law compliance, workforce management and human resource functions. It is a comprehensive employer practices review and evaluation designed to help human resources professionals, management and owners to do things right—aligning operations with employer best practices, meeting or exceeding legal requirements and identifying risk control and compliance measures to protect you and your organization from liability.

The Checkup: Here’s what we do.

First, we conduct a comprehensive review and assessment of everything related to the organization’s workforce. We examine your organization’s work-related information, data, policies, forms, codes of conduct, procedures, and practices, and we interview key individuals to learn how the various areas of human resources and management are actually handled in practice. We analyze what we find and evaluate whether it is legally compliant and aligned with employer best practices. Then we identify those areas of concern that need immediate attention—before an employee brings a claim or a government auditor shows up at your door.

Next, we identify gaps and areas needing improvement in your organization and make recommendations to help you achieve or maintain a positive, ethical, and legally compliant work environment where everyone who works for you is motivated to do their best. At the end of the process, we provide you with a written document summarizing what we did, what we found and an action plan for bringing the organization into compliance and aligned with employer best practices.

Business Challenge: Medium-sized business retained The Weinstein Firm for advice concerning compliance and best practices in the organization’s operations, administration and employment practices.

The Weinstein Firm Action: Undertook comprehensive on-site review of organization’s operations, administration, records and employment practices by adapting methodology from the firm’s Well Company Checkup program. Identified compliance issues and in many instances corrected the problems or provided client with means to bring it into compliance with governmental regulations.

Results: Provided client with written report of results showing what was included in checkup and identifying areas where client was in or out of compliance. Recommended best practices to client. 

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