Anti-Harassment Training:

Your Best Shield Against Liability.

Align your workforce to employment best practices with the firm’s proprietary, customized training programs designed to educate your workforce on issues vital to your organization’s success. These are accomplished through on-site group seminars, one-on-one training, webinars or audio-conferences. We combine our acumen in employment law with expertise in training and workforce management to bring innovative training using fresh methodologies so you can relax—knowing that the people who work for you are motivated to do their best and that your organization is protected.


Drawing on more than 18 years of teaching employment law at The Wharton Business School, attorney Deborah Weinstein created the firm’s SmartMoves® Anti-Harassment training—presented in over 30 states to all kinds of workforces. Our training protects your organization and promotes a positive, legally compliant work environment where everyone can thrive.


for Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments

Seeing an unmet need, Deborah Weinstein developed SmartMoves® for Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments, especially for legal employers and their workforces: partners, associates, general counsel, secretaries, paralegals, and mailroom and other administrative staff. Your attorneys will obtain sophisticated legal analysis and understanding of the applicable law together with instruction concerning the conduct required by your anti-harassment policy. 


Individual Sensitivity Training

The situation is not unique. We read about it in the media frequently. Managers, professionals or high profile professionals are accused of harassment by coworkers or subordinates. The allegations may not be able to be substantiated or the conduct may not be found to be unlawful. These individuals may have already received some form of anti-harassment training. But, sometimes something more is needed.  


California Compliance Training

If your organization has employees in California, then it may be required to comply with California’s anti-harassment training law. 


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