SmartMoves Anti-Harassment Training:

Your Best Shield Against Liability.

The U.S. Supreme Court has established a two-part defense to liability for claims of employment-related harassment. Under many circumstances, employers can shield themselves from liability if: 

  • They exercise “reasonable care” to prevent and respond to prohibited workplace harassment by having an effective anti-harassment program, and
  • The claimant unreasonably fails to utilize the available reporting procedure.

Anti-harassment training helps to demonstrate that an employer has taken reasonable care to prevent workplace harassment. Simply having an “Anti-Harassment Policy” is not sufficient in the minds of the courts. Anti-harassment training is critical to establishing your organization has an effective anti-harassment program.  

Drawing on nearly 15 years of teaching employment law at The Wharton Business School, attorney Deborah Weinstein created the firm’s SmartMoves® Anti-Harassment training—presented in over 30 states to all kinds of workforces. Our training protects your organization and promotes a positive, legally compliant work environment where everyone can thrive.

SmartMoves Anti-Harassment training educates your entire workforce about conduct required by your organization’s anti-harassment policy and by applicable laws. It promotes greater understanding, sensitivity, and appreciation of differences among employees and encourages everyone to avoid conduct that needlessly offends anyone. Its curriculum includes a discussion of communication skills and respect at work. The goal of the program is to give the participants the skills and understanding to deal more effectively with these issues in a professional manner.

Not just sexual harassment training.

SmartMoves goes beyond typical sexual harassment training. Harassment based on age, race, religion, disability and national origin are also prohibited by federal law. Many state and local laws also prohibit discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation, marital status, and other characteristics. Our approach focuses on how to avoid all the harassment pitfalls of the 21st century world of work

Making a better world for all kinds of work.

SmartMoves training is customized to fit your organization and its specific workforce makeup. The content of each session is tailored to the segment of your workforce that is being trained. SmartMoves training has been customized for a wide range of employers—professional services firms, governments, not-for-profits, police forces, call centers, manufacturers, restaurants, and many others —making a better world for all kinds of work.

Because of their unique needs and workforce makeup, we have developed programs specifically for lawyers, accountants and consultants. In these knowledge-based companies—organizations that depend for their success on a high degree of intellectual capital together with teamwork of support staff to be effective—highly specialized, sophisticated training programs are necessary. 

How SmartMoves works.

Sessions will use your organization’s anti-harassment policy as a starting point to show how to recognize prohibited conduct, understand the consequences of engaging in such conduct, and use your organization’s complaint procedure if harassment should occur. Firm partners and general counsel will receive targeted training that includes more depth about the law, risk control to ensure that policies and procedures comply with the law, fiduciary duties, vicarious and potential individual liability, and how to treat harassers and alleged harassers. 

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