Management Consulting:

For the Full Range of Workplace Issues.

Employers that retain consulting firms for special projects may be disappointed to find that their consultants’ recommendations and products fail to pass legal muster when reviewed by the organizations’ attorneys. Unlike other law firms, in addition to our legal acumen in employment law, the Weinstein Firm possess skills and backgrounds applicable to a broad range of business and workforce management issues. As a result, we have tackled the most vexing management problems and provided creative business solutions to employers across the country. By combining our practical knowledge and legal thinking with strategic management know-how, the firm assists organizations to improve management of their businesses, to build better workforces and perform administrative, and regulatory functions more effectively.

We understand and appreciate the challenges that employers face in complying with the myriad of laws and regulations at the federal, state and county levels. Business, government, educational institutions and nonprofits look to us to identify and help them implement best practices in management, human capital optimization and human resources.

Our unique combined backgrounds.

Ms. Weinstein has been teaching for nearly two decades at The Wharton School and has worked as a manager at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and as managing editor of a small newspaper. She holds a Masters in Social Work and is trained and experienced in individual counseling and group dynamics and change management. In addition, she has training and experience in social science research protocols and techniques. 

Strong collaborative relationships with subject matter experts
and other specialists.

We bring an aggressive approach to our assignments by deploying key professionals rapidly and effectively. The firm maintains close working relationships with consultants who are retained when a project requires their particular skillset or subject matter expertise. Oftentimes, our consulting projects are accomplished with the collaboration of consultants in such areas as management, curriculum development, diversity planning and development, information technology, and human resources. 

A wide range of management consulting assignments.

Most assignments are preventative in nature or linked to organizational and business development initiatives rather than being strictly about the law. Here is a representative list of the broad range of consulting projects we undertake:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Employee, Organization, or Professional Association Research
  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Diversity Research and Initiatives
  • Recruitment, Interviewing, and Hiring Processes and Procedures
  • Performance Management
  • Employer Practices Review and Evaluations
  • Technical Assistance in Administration, Management and Leadership
  • Writing Projects Focusing on Legal and Management Issues
  • Drug Testing Protocol and Procedures

Some examples of management consulting assignments:

  • Authored Putting Experience to Work: A Guide to Navigating Legal and Management Issues Related to a Mature Workforce published by The Conference Board.
  • Conducted a study and developed an action plan to more effectively identify and regulate the non-employee (contractor, consultant or other vendor) workforce of a Fortune 500 manufacturer.
  • Researched and analyzed the diversity and inclusion environment through interviews and a written anonymous survey. Developed a game plan and recommendations for a large professional services firm.
  • Created a Hiring Guide and presented related training for the recruitment and selection of staff leadership for several nationwide not-for-profit organizations.
  • Designed and conducted focus groups designed to identify staff concerns, impediments, and strengths in working toward goals of local knowledge-based business.
  • Completed comprehensive employee practices reviews for several organizations including large multi-national technical organization and mid-sized law firm.
  • Conducted nationwide online survey of work/life conditions for national organization of America’s legal secretaries—the first of its kind—asking legal staff members to describe current job situations and recommend ways to improve their work environments.
  • Developed and delivered legal content for retreat for diversity council charged with strategic diversity planning for national law firm.
  • Coached leadership of several regional offices of large financial services company on office management, hiring and professional development.
  • Provided dispute resolution services designed to facilitate better working relationships among regional professional staff in nationwide knowledge based business.
  • Facilitated planning meetings among multigenerational family member/owners of retail businesses.

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