Labor and Employment Law Compliance:

Doing the Right Thing—the Law and Ethical Conduct.

Our Well Company Checkup, a full employment practices review, helps clients sleep better at night knowing they are doing the right thing. For FLSA and other government audits, our attorneys bring expertise and in-depth experience on a full range of issues relevant to labor and employment law compliance.

Compliance with employment laws and regulations as well as adherence to codes of conduct are critical to the success of most organizations. Not only do legal compliance and ethical conduct help protect organizations from risk and liability exposure, but they also foster positive, productive work cultures where everyone working for the organization is motivated to do their best.

Compliance and regulatory reviews of employers.

Especially over the past few years, every organization has been impacted by changes in the financial and regulatory climate. There have been many new laws enacted and changes to existing laws and regulations impacting employers—federal, state and local. Governments at all levels have stepped up enforcement of compliance with employment laws. Employers face significant challenges as they adapt to changes in laws affecting the workforce. Increasingly, we find that our clients are being subjected to employment audits by government agencies. To be successful organizations, compliance must be an integral part of strategic management of your workforce.

The firm assists clients with legal and regulatory compliance by conducting internal self-audits where we review your organization for any areas that are not aligned with employment laws and regulations and help you implement any required changes. We also help you prepare for and represent you during audits by government agencies of your employment records and practices.

FLSA & Other Government Audits.

The federal agency that regulates how employers must pay their workers is the U.S. Department of Labor. It enforces the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), but each state also has its own department of labor and its own regulations with which organizations with employees in that state must comply.

Well Company Checkup: A Comprehensive employer practices review.

The Firm’s Well Company Checkup is designed to help employers to sleep better at night knowing they are in legal compliance and doing right by their employees. We developed this assessment tool because we wanted to give our clients greater peace of mind by taking steps to avoid risk and liability exposure for their organizations especially in the employment area.

“Most organizations find it challenging to keep up and comply with the myriad of labor and employment laws and regulations affecting them—and the frequent changes that Congress, the courts, local and state governments and administrative agencies make.”
—Deborah Weinstein, Founder

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