Individual or One-to-One Sensitivity Training.

The situation is not unique. We read about it in the media frequently. Managers, professionals or highly valued individuals are accused of harassment by coworkers or subordinates. The allegations may not be able to be substantiated or the conduct may not be found to be unlawful. These individuals may have already received some form of anti-harassment training. But, sometimes something more is needed. 

The Weinstein Firm offers an innovative training program designed to address these difficult situations. The program assists the trainee to understand and appreciate the diversity of the contemporary workforce and provides guidance in how to interact appropriately with peers and subordinates. 

Working with experts in organizational development and communications and utilizing Ms. Weinstein’s employment law acumen and her background in social work, the firm developed a unique course of study mixing legal compliance, effective leadership, and personal development that focuses on the individual involved—and allows the organization to demonstrate that it takes its anti-harassment responsibilities seriously.

The program is designed with the realization that its curriculum and presentation may indeed be scrutinized in the course of litigation. The client receives a report describing the training and the trainers are prepared to testify, if necessary, on their training regimen.

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