We are uniquely qualified to help employers.

Employment law for employers. The Weinstein Firm is a boutique law firm that helps employers protect their organizations. Not just by ensuring that their company's actions are in accordance with the law, but also by guiding them on how to make a better world at work. We combine acumen in employment law with expertise in day-to-day employee relations and guidance, training, investigations, litigation, and management consulting.

The firm has developed a national reputation for its work with employers—for our innovative SmartMoves® anti-harassment training program, our sound preventive advice on employer practices, and excellent representation in labor and employment law matters.

We go beyond just telling you the law.

Employment law is a sensitive area and advising organizations in this area means more than just telling you the law. We help you build legally compliant, ethical work cultures that foster respect and productivity while minimizing the risk of lawsuits and damage to your reputation. And when necessary, defending your organization in court.   

Far beyond compliance, our firm helps clients do things right and often, more efficiently. Our goal is for our clients to feel they can relax knowing that their organizations are in compliance, avoiding risks and liability exposure and doing the right thing.

Since 2004, our founder, Deborah Weinstein, has been increasingly viewed as a thought leader and social entrepreneur in the world of work. Because of our reputation for integrity, judgment, and results, we are brought into some of the most sensitive matters involving employees and management. Building on 17 years of teaching employment law at The Wharton School’s Department of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, attorney Weinstein has developed a range of proprietary tools supporting our clients’ commitments to equal employment opportunity, respect, compliance, and adherence to ethical conduct standards. 

"Our long-term clients—owners, management and HR alike—tell us that they sleep better knowing we will support them with day-to-day advice, with a proactive approach to compliance, and most important, when a problem arises."

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